Larcia Youth Red Soccer Shoe

Soccer (or as most world-wide say Football) – is probably the most popular sport around the globe. Global love of football or soccer has propelled it to include professional teams, youth clubs, work leagues, church teams and the weekly pick-up game with neighborhood friends. As soccer has evolved, so too has the all-important footwear: the soccer cleat.

People first played soccer in whatever shoes were available. It is reported that the first cleats were made for King Henry VIII by his personal shoe maker, Cornelius Johnson in 1525.

As the popularity of soccer grew, the shoes changed as well. In the 1800’s, players wore their steel-toed, heavy leather work boots that afforded little traction on the playing field. To avoid slips during the games, these players would hammer in metal tacks and studs into the bottom of their shoes. Thankfully, as the game became more mainstream, formal rules were established and better footwear was developed.

As soccer leagues began to take shape in Great Britain and Europe, newer shoes were made to facilitate the soccer players. Lighter slipper-like shoes with cleats on the bottom were made for these emerging athletes.

In 1924, two German brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, created a shoe company and created soccer shoes with a more comfortable design and replaceable studs. Sadly, these two innovators had a falling out and split up. However, both brothers stayed in the shoe business built successful shoe companies.

After World War II, soccer cleat design jumped forward again as technology increased. Removable studs, lighter, sturdier materials and cutting edge production marched the soccer cleat forward to today’s cleats.

Modern companies began to produce light-weight and durable cleats in varying design and style.

Larcia Indoor Soccer ShoeSoccer shoes started out as thick, heavy shoes but thanks to technology, innovation and inspiration, today’s cleats can take you from backyard games all the way to the World Cup.
Larcia cleats are made for the youth player. They are lightweight and comfortable for both boys and girls. Have enhanced strength for youth players wear and tear, a flexible outsole to ensure great command over speed and control. The perfect fit, no more guesswork. Most importantly designed for kids – minding the intricacies of young athletes’ delicate foot anatomy.

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