Thank you soccer mom! Whether you’ve dreamed of the day your little guy or girl would put on their first pair of cleats, or you are helping them develop a new talent, the soccer mom deserves some recognition. After all, it’s you, soccer mom, who got your child started on this (sometimes never ending) road we call soccer. A demanding sport we all love. Whether your child plays for fun, the competition or both, we salute you…

So here’s to all of you soccer moms who make sure your sons and daughters make it to practice each week (early or a little late) ready to play and become better athletes and soccer players.

Thank you for helping your child adjust to taking orders from another adult and teaching them that the coach is there to teach and facilitate.

Thank you for being willing to pick up friends and other team mates who would otherwise miss out on practices when moms and dads can’t make it. You are helping another generation of children learn how to play.

Thank you for getting up early on Saturdays, Sundays, and all the other days in between to support your child as they play their best. We hear you cheer the loudest when our team makes the goal and when your child shows off that skill they’ve been working so hard to master.

Thank you for being there for your son or daughter with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and the words, “you’ll get them next time” when the game doesn’t go their way. Thank you also for not letting your child quit just because they lost. Perseverance is a hard lesson to learn but you are doing wonderfully at teaching your child.

Thank you for just being there to support your child and their team. Even when you don’t agree with the play or the call, thank you for giving your support and teaching your son or daughter how to constructively disagree with team matters.

What we are trying to say; Thank you for making youth soccer happen, THANK YOU, mom for being you. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Larcia Sports!

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